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Looking for a specific wire gage and not getting any search results? We most likely have you covered but may refer to diameter by gauge instead. While the spelling is relatively interchangeable, we use the more widely used gauge term to ensure consistency within our website and the resistance wire industry at large.

Another important distinction on diameter is AWG versus SWG as gauge size (diameters) differ between the two systems. Wire sourced and used in manufacturing by Hyndman Industrial Products is largely based on the AWG (American Wire Gauge), also known as the Brown & Sharpe (B&S) wire gauge, system with the exception being a handful of metric sizes sourced in millimeter diameters. The SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) unit is typically not used in the resistance wire market. In the event you need to convert from SWG to AWG, you may do so on our online calculator HERE if the diameter is known in either inches or millimeters.

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American Wire Gauge (AWG) Diameter Chart                                                                 

American Wire Gauge (AWG) Diameter Chart

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