Our Products Are Everywhere

Our resistance wires, ribbons, heating elements and ceramic assemblies are used in a large variety of industrial, commercial and residential products. Resistance alloys can be used anywhere that you want to convert electrical energy into heat. Applications range from defroster coils in the back of refrigerators to electric matches used in fireworks.

The most common applications for resistance wire includes: 
Consumer Appliances - Refrigerator/freezer defroster coils, laundry dryers, hair dryer, hot plates, toaster ovens, infrared heaters, clothing irons, coffee makers and coffee roaster elements
Common alloys include: N8, KD, N6, KA1, KAF

Industrial Heating - Box ovens/furnaces, heat trace tapes & cables, cartridge heaters, duct heaters, band/drum heaters, heated air curtains, lab ovens & mantels, air guns, and dehumidifiers
Common alloys include: KA1, KD, N8, KAF, N6, A90, A180, 294

Kilns - Ceramic & glass curing kilns, and hobby kilns
​Common alloys include: KA1, KAPM, N8, KAF

Load Banks - Resistive load bank coils (open coil or porcupine), brake resistors, and precision resistors
Common alloys include: N6, N8, ALK, A90, A180, 294, KD, KA1, KAF

Electronic Cigarettes - Atomizer coils
Common alloys include: N8, KA1, NI200, SS316L

Other Industries - Medical autoclaves, precision heaters, incubators, heated breathing circuits, electric matches, heat sealing, and foam cutting
Common alloys include: N8, N6, KA1, KD, KAF, 294