Heating Elements

Our standard heating elements and wire are ideal for use in industrial ovens, furnaces, appliances, kilns, duct heaters, and more.

Resistance Wire

Manufacturers and hobbyists alike, this site allows you to purchase from our expansive inventory at competitive rates.

Assemblies & Ceramics

We stock a number of ceramic pieces that can be modified to your requirements. Coils are installed to create heaters for ovens and kilns.

Saving you resources, time, and money

Hyndman is a leading manufacturer of open coil heating elements. ResistanceWire.com was created to provide an easy and affordable way for manufacturers, hobbyists and engineers to purchase resistance wire products in the form and package they need. We have hundreds of spools in stock and ready to ship in a variety of alloys, gauges, and lengths. We even ship samples to solve your design needs, such as: