Other Industries


Industrial dehumidifying units are typically comprised of resistance wire and ceramic components in a heater assembly. If the coiled resistance wire element in the assembly went out, let us rebuild the unit saving you both time and money. See our Repairs and Services page for more examples or contact us today with your specific parameters.



Resistance wire is used to make heating elements for medical equipment including incubators, lab ovens, autoclaves and custom precision heaters.


Heat Sealing

Heat Sealer

Heat sealers are used to seal thermoplastic materials using heat generated from resistance wire, ribbons or strips. Sealers are either impulse (for sealing similar materials) or constant (sealing dissimilar materials). Heat sealing elements are typically used for packaging and bag sealing.

Foam Cutting

Foam CutterResistance wire is used for the accurate cutting of complex shapes from polystyrene foam (EPS) - by hand or by CNC machine - and used extensively in the packaging industry. This foam cutting wire can also be used for architectural moldings, theatrical props and modeling.



Electric matches can be used to ignite model rocket engines or explosives; for pyrotechnics use, electric matches can be built from scratch or from a kit. The kit includes resistance wire, such as nichrome wire, used as the bridge wire, along with components for mixing the pyrogen.

We also supply resistance wire for use in research and development for industrial labs and universities.